Beheadings… fleeing refugees… persecution… As we watch today’s headlines from the Arab world, we feel helpless. We know that God calls us to love, but how is it possible in the face of such turmoil, hatred and suffering? Satan’s weapon is fear, and he uses it to ensnare followers of Islam and counteract the advancement of the gospel.
A former terrorist from war-torn Somalia who came to faith in Jesus said,

When you look at me on the street, you see my Muslim hat and my beard and you are afraid of me. And, to tell you the truth, that is why we dress this way to make you afraid of us. But you need to know that inside, we are empty. Don’t be afraid of us. We need the gospel.

It is only when we see Muslims of the Arab world through the eyes of Christ that we will be able to respond with love, not fear. We stand on God’s promise that love never fails.
Compelled by the love of Jesus, Pioneers’ media ministry, Arab World Media, has launched the 2015 Love Never Fails Initiative. We desire to see the marginalized, lost and disenfranchised living in the Arab world experience God’s perfect love, which casts out all fear.
In 2015 we will focus our media outreach on four key segments of Muslim society: 1) victims of war 2) women at risk 3) persecuted communities and 4) seekers.
Our prayer is that the Christ-centred love and care we share will draw Muslim peoples to put their faith in Christ, like the ex-Muslim in Israel who said:

Your care for me made me interested in Jesus, His Word and getting to know Him more. I want to grow deeper in my relationship with Him.

Will you consider how you can partner with Arab World Media through the Love Never Fails Initiative? Download and print a full copy of the Love Never Fails 2015 initiative here and share it with those who have a heart to see the Arab world reached for Christ.

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