Our belief about God and our understanding of the Bible’s teachings make a radical difference in everyday life and decisions. The reality of this is starkly apparent in lands where Christians are being threatened, targeted, imprisoned and killed for their faith. In fact, nine of the top ten countries in the world with the most persecution have majority Muslim populations.

In our new online discipleship series on persecution, From the Desert to the Well, we share biblical truths along with personal testimonies from persecuted Christians around the world. This series is designed to strengthen believers from a Muslim background who are under tremendous pressure from their family and culture, like the person who told us:

I have studied a lot about Christianity and decided with all my heart to become a Christian. But the environment here makes it very difficult for me. I am hiding my faith even from my family.

Our desire is to help these persecuted believers grow in Christ and know His Word, which can strengthen them in their trials. Media enables us to put our love for the persecuted church into action and stand with them in their darkest hours.

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