The promise that ‘Islam is the solution’ is wearing thin. Arab world Muslims are frustrated and weary. Through this frustration and disillusionment, God is softening hearts and opening doors in former Islamic strongholds. Many Muslims are asking questions, including whether or not Christians have answers to their spiritual needs.
By the end of 2014, Arab World Media expects to receive well over five million visits to our internet ministry sites and to be directly engaged with about 12,000 people in personal conversations.
In 2015 we will continue to develop media strategies to better connect and engage with seekers. Working in partnership with Pioneers’ church-planting teams on the ground, we plan to design and develop media content that engages Muslims wherever they are in life – from their first questions about faith to steps towards putting their faith in Jesus.
Our content will focus on Muslims:

  • who have dreams about Christ
  • who are searching for peace with God
  • who are looking for solutions to their problems (marriage, family, health, etc.)
  • who suffer at the hand of Islam
  • who ask questions about Islamic doctrine
  • who now consider themselves as atheist (eg. three per cent of Egyptians are now atheist)
  • who are ready to be challenged by the testimony of others who have gone before them.

No one can come to me
unless the Father who sent me draws them. John 6:44

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