Societies in the Arab world are descending into chaos and violence. In the desperate war-torn countries of Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, people are overcome by fear and dread. Their homelands are being destroyed and, according to the UN, they are becoming failed states. It is no wonder that we receive messages such as this:

I so desperately want to know more about Christ. I don’t know why, but a strange feeling comes over me, and I am afraid of everything around me.

Muslims caught in war feel isolated from the outside world, and hence, they start searching online. Arab World Media is reaching them through our internet ministry! While they are unable to leave their homes, through the relative confidentiality of their internet connection, they are able to hear the good news that God loves them and has sent them a Saviour.

Threats of kidnapping and targeted killings mean that Pioneers’ members are often severely limited in their movements in many of these places. Sometimes they are no longer able to maintain a presence in the country at all. Yet media continues to have a wide open door.

We have an opportunity to share a love that casts out all fear and offers hope through Christ to victims of war.

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