Women across the Arab world have been abused, misused, humiliated, oppressed, assaulted and raped in alarming numbers. War has torn apart their families and lives. They are crushed and without hope. Jesus wants to compassionately care for them and restore them.

Content of our internet ministry site addresses sensitive subjects like depression, sexual abuse, anxiety and forgiveness. We offer hurting women hope and freedom found only in God’s love and forgiveness. One woman told us:

Your follow-up and care made me feel special and encouraged. Your prayer for me makes me walk above all problems.

Just in the past three months, Behind the Veil, a video that points women to someone who can help, has been viewed 18,000 times. And social media gives us an unprecedented opportunity to love those who are suffering. From September 2013 to September 2014, we served and supported over 1.2 million women in need!

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