How can we encourage the good use of media productions by our co-workers serving in the Arab world? How can they have at their fingertips the right CD or DVD for a friend who is asking questions?
Our answer is the MediaDrive, a one terabyte external hard drive containing more than one hundred audiovisual productions and many hours of audio recordings in MP3 format. These can be burned onto disk for local distribution as needed.
Prior to this, workers had to physically bring in literature and store it in their homes. This had an element of risk. An encrypted hard drive, on the other hand, is much more secure and discreet. And it can hold a lot of material.
Since its launch in 2011, MediaDrives have been distributed to more than a hundred individuals across the Arab world, including national believers. Though it is difficult to assess the full impact of its use on the field, our distribution manager has some positive feedback to report. He writes:
At a major conference in January 2013, a Mauritanian church leader came up to me with a big smile, thanking me for the MediaDrive he had received the previous year. He told me how it has been used widely in his country for making evangelistic DVDs, the Magdalena and Jesus films especially, and also a programme on witchcraft. He said that it has been shared among believers from different churches, which was a particular encouragement to me since mistrust has been an issue there.
Give thanks for this wonderful tool, which is enhancing the ministries of our workers in the Arab world. Pray that we would be able to distribute more hard drives and that they would be used to full advantage.