By the Director of Arab World Media
So what can you do in the midst of adversity? You can kneel; you can weep, and weep, and weep. Complain if you must, groan if you must, and get angry if you must. This you can do. There is one thing you must not do. Dear brothers and sisters, stay far away from bitterness and from blaming others. No matter what it is, don’t blame others. Do that and you are dangerously close to forfeiting all future spiritual growth. (Gene Edwards)
Forgiveness is a choice. We all know this. Choosing to forgive in the face of hurt, injustice, or tragedy becomes a tremendous building block for our faith. Choosing not to forgive, however, is a stumbling block that hinders our spiritual growth. While an unforgiving spirit produces bitterness, anger and hatred, an attitude of forgiveness brings love, joy and peace, and enables us to live in freedom before Christ.
This month our online ministry is speaking into the lives of Muslims about this very sensitive topic of forgiveness. In sharp contrast to the significant response we received to the topic of depression last month, response to the forgiveness media campaign has been, until now, discouragingly low. As the story of Rahim illustrates, forgiveness is absent from Islam.
Pray that Christ will break through the vicious cycle of revenge, and plant in the hearts of Muslims a desperate desire for peace with God. Pray that they will understand and embrace the truth of forgiveness – how God has forgiven us, and then, how we can forgive others.
This is what the Love Never Fails initiative is all about – the demonstration of God’s perfect love through his forgiveness of our sins.
Thank you for standing with us in prayer.