It is always amazing to see how God relentlessly pursues Muslims. Here is yet another example from a member of our response team, who has been engaging with a Muslim woman from Egypt. Celebrate with us the birth of a new life!
Sabia* is a Muslim woman in her thirties. She is married, with two young girls, and lives in Upper Egypt, where she works as a teacher.
One night, Sabia had a dream… Jesus Christ came to her with a cross, which he placed inside her stomach. She felt as if she had a high fever and her body started to shake. Jesus put his hand on her back, and smiled as he told her not to be afraid. He promised to give her comfort and peace, and confirmed that he would be with her through all the coming days and that he would give her help. He was not young, as Sabia had seen in pictures at the Orthodox churches and in the homes of her many Christian friends and neighbours. He was old and wearing a white garment.
After her dream, Sabia began to hear some words spoken in a very clear voice, which she later discovered were from the Bible – verses from both the Old and New Testaments: ‘I am the light’, ‘Emmanuel’, ‘God is my light and salvation’, ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega’, ‘I am your protector’. Sabia began to seek after Jesus, eager to know him and eager to know the truth. 
By mere chance, she was able to find our Arabic website. She read some articles and began to communicate with our team on Live Chat. This was my first contact with her. It was the very first time for me to receive someone who was so much like a newborn baby, struggling, questioning, feeling, expressing, thinking and comparing everything at the same time.
She started to communicate with me on WhatsApp, through private Facebook messages and by email, asking for explanations of the biblical texts she had been reading. We started reading the Gospel of Luke, then the Gospel of John, then Romans; now we are reading 1 Corinthians. She asks about each difficult verse, about historical backgrounds, about spiritual and literal meanings. Whereas previously she compared everything with Islam, now she is asking about the Old Testament. She has read the book of Genesis and is working through the Journey** course online. 
Sabia has passed through many difficult struggles, at times feeling guilty, as if she is betraying Islam. Sometimes she has tried to resist, but the Holy Spirit continues to work inside her heart and body with much love. Now she wants to share all she has learned with her daughters. Recently, when one of her daughters asked how we were created, she opened the Bible to read from Genesis. Her daughter understood all the biblical verses quite well, and grasped the concept of inherited sin from Adam.
We have prayed a lot together. She used to send me a verse each day as a kind of daily greeting. I have sent her songs and written prayers as a guide to learn how to pray. She is reading every single word of the articles presented on the website. Most recently she asked me to end our conversations with the words ‘Jesus be with you’ instead of ‘Goodbye’. 
Pray for Sabia to grow in grace and wisdom and to be filled with strength. She is praying for the salvation of her husband and daughters, but she is still very scared.

*Name changed to protect identity.
The Journey is a course similar to Alpha, looking at key figures of the Old and New Testaments.