At Arab World Media, our aim is not only to bring seekers into a true and living faith in Jesus, but also to help them connect and integrate into the local body of Christ.
As we produce and publish gospel-centred audio-visual material that can be viewed, shared or downloaded from our websites and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), we partner closely with workers who personally connect with enquirers (online, via email and phone), and yet others in our extended geographical network who can meet with seekers face-to-face.

A student far from home finds Christ

Abdelkader* was a student from a neighbouring Arab country, living in Beirut. One night he had a dream. He saw a man that he knew was Jesus tell him to become his follower. This was scary and confusing, as Abdelkader was a Muslim. He began searching, to understand what had happened to him and to find out more about Jesus. He found our mobile ministry site, and read all the New Testament on his phone. A longing grew to share with other Jesus-followers, and he finally contacted us. At first, he was fearful and asked that his correspondence be in strictest confidence; but soon he agreed to meet with some local believers in Lebanon.
When Abdelkader met a follow-up volunteer, they had a wonderful time together. Abdelkader was rejoicing and said he really wanted to grow in his newfound faith. They began meeting two times per week to study the Bible, and soon Abdelkader was attending church regularly. He is happy to finally be in fellowship with others like himself and has asked to be baptised.

‘I need your advice’

A young woman in Algeria wrote to us…
My family says they are prepared to accept my faith, but they do not want me to go to church. I don’t want to abandon my church, but my parents have made themselves ill over this. It is such a problem in our society. I have told them that I will remain a Christian and it is no use to try to make me turn back to Islam. However, I feel that I could worship the Lord at home and that some brothers and sisters could join me there. What do you think? ‘Wherever two or three are together, Jesus is with them.’ Remember me, my family and my parents in your prayers.

‘If anyone knew, it could mean death for me’

Hamdi* was a young Muslim man from Jordan. When he heard people talking about Christianity, his heart beat quickly and he trembled, especially when they spoke of Jesus the Saviour, and the cross. His feelings were so very different from the fear and obligations of Islam. He was scared, because he knew the price for following Jesus was high for someone of his background. He feared for his life. In the end, his desire for fellowship and knowledge won over his fear, and he filled in the contact form on our website. This is part of his message…
This is my first prayer: ‘Lord Jesus, please join me with other Christians under one cross and one church.’ Please forgive me if I made any mistake in this prayer. I really want to speak with anyone who is willing to listen to me. Please contact me as soon as possible, and thank you for all you do in this site.
A Jordanian volunteer who used to be a Muslim himself was given the responsibility to follow up Hamdi. He said he had never met anyone like this, with such hunger to know everything. They began to meet regularly to study the Bible, and after six months our volunteer reported that Hamdi had been integrated into a local group of believers.

A Missionary for Christ in Saudi Arabia

Adel*, a Muslim living in Saudi Arabia, became interested in Jesus, and began calling our call centre in Beirut. Our team member gave him a thorough and clear explanation of the gospel, although it was not certain how much Adel understood or accepted. It was clear, however, that he really wanted to know more, and he continued to call.
Adel filled out our contact form, and began corresponding with another one of our team. In one message, he wrote…
I thank the Lord. First, I have a very strange feeling of inner happiness that I have never felt before in my life. O God, this feeling comes when the name of Jesus is mentioned… Please, I want to pray and I want to meet with someone here so he can teach me how to pray. Please, don’t keep me waiting.
Adel had many friends who were also tired of the teachings of Islam, and Adel dared to share with them what he had found in Christ. Soon they also wanted to know more, and now seven of his friends are also corresponding with us.
Adel has become a believer, and is in fellowship with other local believers. He says he wants to be a missionary for Christ in Saudi Arabia.

‘Why worship a god who is too weak to save his own son?’

This email from a young Muslim man in Palestine is similar to many messages received by our correspondence workers, who take great care to respond with love and help seekers understand the truth of the gospel…
Greetings to you. I am a Muslim who has become interested in Christianity and I have some questions. I wonder if you can help me and whether God can guide me to the truth through you. I often hear from Christian brothers that Jesus is the son of God and that he died for the sake of mankind. But what puzzles me is why we should worship a God who was not able to save his only son! How will he be able to save us and rescue us from our enemies? Or make us prosper and give us life? If he gave up his own son to save humanity, he probably wouldn’t be able to make us live again either. Why worship a god who is too weak to rescue his own son!!

But we also do receive positive feedback, like this email from a man in Morocco…

Peace and grace to all who work on your site. It has been a great blessing to me and helped me to grow in the Lord. I have been a believer since 2006. I recently got to know [a member of your team] on Paltalk. How delighted I was when he told me that he worked with Maarifa! This encouraged me to share my testimony in the chatroom. It was also through a sister from your site that I got to know believers here in Morocco. They were also a blessing to me and helped me to grow in the Christian life. So I just wanted to encourage you… Amen.

These  testimonies come from our response ministry team.
* Indicates that a pseudonym has been used.