By the Director of Arab World Media
I watched the news recently of the evacuation of the city of Homs in Syria. I was deeply moved by the image of a man running down a street, pushing another man in a wheelchair. They were desperate to escape the horrors of life in that city. I couldn’t help asking myself, ‘Is there any hope for peace in Syria?’
Mother Theresa once said, ‘Peace begins with a smile.’ I’m sure when she said this, she was thinking of far more than just a superficial smile on someone’s face. I believe she was talking about the kind of smile that comes from a humble, servant heart, a heart that is full of God’s love, kindness and compassion – for it is the smile that shines out of this kind of heart that will crumble hatred, transform relationships, and replace conflict and violence with true peace.
As believers and followers of Jesus, we are called to have this kind of smile – and to share it with others. We have been entrusted with the greatest message of hope for the most broken part of the world. How can we do any less than share it?
I firmly believe that Islam is edging to the point of implosion. Muslims across the Arab world are increasingly divided. Factions continue to grow. To cite a most recent example: the country of Yemen has now decided to create a federal state of six regions. But will this bring an end to the violence in that country? Or is it just another effort in the ongoing struggle to unite those who are irreparably divided?
God is at work in the Arab world. More than ever before, we are eyewitnesses to what he is doing. He is raising up Christians worldwide to come to the Arab world to share the gospel. He is moving churches and believers in the Arab world itself to be bold in their witness. Through the internet, Muslims are connecting with Christians; and people on the margins of Muslim society, like the Kabyles, Druze and Kurds, are being stirred up by Christ’s work in their communities.
We need to seize this moment: boldly sharing the smile of Jesus, investing in witness to Muslims, and persevering in the face of challenge and persecution.
Will you join us this year in praying for a breakthrough in the Arab world? Are you prepared to give of yourself for the sake of seeing the greatest message of hope shared with those who are most broken? Will you pray and stand with us financially so that we can communicate this joy, peace and humility of heart to the Arab world, so desperately in need of Him today?