In matters of faith, we hold fast to what we know to be true. But occasionally, we find the need to adjust slightly our beliefs as we mature in our faith and let God develop our theology through Bible reading and sound teaching. But for Rahman*, a Middle Eastern man, the need for adjustment was more of a major shift.
One day while reading the Qur’an, Rahman found a contradiction in a passage describing Allah (the Arabic word for God) and the angels praying to Muhammad. It bothered him.
Rahman grew up in a very conservative Middle Eastern Muslim family, following the precepts of Islam and reading the Qur’an, the holy book of Muslims.
‘I couldn’t accept that God and His prophet are equal in position. I knew God used different prophets to bring His message to mankind, but the prophets are not God.’
This moment gave Rahman the resolve to get to know God apart from the path and prophet of Islam.
‘I longed to know God and felt sure that He would reveal Himself to me,’ he remembers.
Though he made the decision, Rahman still had fears about what would happen if he didn’t recite the Muslim prayers and read the Qur’an. Would God punish him? But as he abstained from Muslim practices and searched for God, he found that his business flourished, his family received blessings and he felt overwhelming peace. All of which led him to doubt further the God of Islam.
He decided to read the Bible and went online to our Arabic-language evangelistic website and found the Bible there.
‘While reading the Bible online, I found it was written in a totally different way than the Qur’an,’ he shares. ‘It wasn’t dependent only on the beauty of Arabic poetry – it was about God and the way he wants to communicate with man.’
That led him on a quest to find a physical Bible of his own. But after two trips to other countries where Bibles are sold in bookstores and visiting an Arab church, he found that people were reluctant to give or sell a Bible to a Muslim out of fear of persecution.
In the meantime he used the same website and downloaded a mobile app with Bible studies. During that process, he had conversations with Adel* – one of several Arab Christians from the website who answers seekers’ questions about the Bible. It was in those interactions that Rahman confessed he was convinced the Bible was true and he felt ready to follow Jesus.
‘Then,’ Rahman reminisces, ‘I asked Adel on the phone if he would give me a Bible and take me to church.’
After learning more about the Christian faith, Rahman visited Adel’s church and received baptism and his long-awaited Bible.
After smuggling his Bible home, Rahman’s wife questioned him about it when she found it. Rahman told her that it was a Bible given to him by a new friend.
And rather that having a problem with it, she immediately asked, ‘Can I read it?’
Recently, a worker asked him how it feels to be a Christian and he answered:
‘I feel like a little child who is so happy he doesn’t know what to do!’
Praise the Lord for Rahman’s journey to faith and pray for his wife and children to know Jesus. Please also pray for our ministry.

* Names have been changed for security purposes.

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