In North Africa, Baraka (Blessings) FM broadcasts some of our radio programmes. This recent message comes from them. Names have been changed to protect identities…
It is such a blessing to listen to your programmes again, and to know that many many others in North Africa are hearing them and responding to the good news! It brings so much joy to us at Baraka FM to hear how God is changing lives through this ministry. Here are some samples of conversations we have been having in the last couple of weeks:

  • Kabir, who has been a listener since last year, called and asked to be put in contact with Christians in his city as he was travelling back there.
  • Another regular listener, Mahdi, is mourning the loss of his father and sent us an SMS. We are praying for him and his family.
  • Abdel called to say that he was listening to us on his mobile phone and that he liked what he heard on the station!

We have been communicating with Kabir and Mahdi for some time now, and have seen them grow in their understanding of Jesus Christ. At first Kabir responded to the broadcasting with disbelief – the first time he called, he asked if there really were Christians in his country. Later, he went through a stage of defending Islam; now he is interested in knowing more and often asks for prayer.
Mahdi has been holding Bible studies in his home and inviting others to learn with him. Both of these men are in touch with Christians in their areas.
Abdel called for the first time last week, and perhaps we will have the blessing of helping him and many of the other first-time callers grow in faith. Of course there are many who never call, but we trust that the Spirit is working in many lives as they listen to the programmes you have provided.
Please pray for this radio station as it broadcasts a number of different programmes that teach and talk about the gospel. May its fruitfulness increase. Please also pray for the Media staff who work to write and produce these programmes. Ask that they may be continually renewed, inspired and strengthened by the Holy Spirit as they seek to extend God’s kingdom among North Africans.