Ramadan is an important time of the year to pray for Muslims. It is a time when they will be trying especially hard to please God, by fasting from food and drink during the daily hours. As Christians, we know that our salvation is not earned, but Muslims have no such assurance, no matter how hard they work. Many do not know or understand that Jesus is the only way and that his sacrifice was sufficient for all. We long to see this change.
This Ramadan, we are posting thirty short videos on different subjects (e.g. hate, envy, injustice) to prompt thought and discussion on our website and Facebook page. Here is the first in the series followed by a rough translation of the script:

Hate is a bad feeling that happens to us for various reasons, especially when we feel rejected or because of injustice. These feelings turn into sadness and pain, and we may start planning to hurt the person we hate.
Is there a solution to these negative feelings? Is it possible for a person to get rid of them? Where is the solution?
Please pray that these videos would be well received and result in some positive discussions.

As usual, we’ll be posting daily prayer requests throughout Ramadan, which is due to start on Tuesday 9 July. These can be found in our prayer section but we’ll also be posting them on Facebook and Twitter.