From our experience of interacting with thousands of Arabs over the years, we have identified a number of common characteristics of people who are spiritually open and often go on to become Christians. Over the next twelve months our online internet ministry will run a number of features focused on reaching Arabic speaking people who display these characteristics.
One example is that of a young man who may or may not be married and has a lot of problems in his life. He is most likely unemployed and he might be quite negative towards Christianity in general. Because he has been raised in a culture that teaches him to not trust people, he begins to search for answers in the anonymity of the internet.

While searching, this young man is troubled by dreams. Not just any dream, but dreams that he perceives as some kind of message from God and that leave him feeling uneasy. He is worried about what these dreams might mean and what other people could say about them. He is keen to find someone who can explain his dreams and help him to know what to do but he cannot trust friends and family. Because he thinks God is speaking to him through his dreams, the young man continues to look for answers on the internet.
In our efforts to find and connect with people like this young man, Arab World Media ran a feature in June for people in a North African country having dreams. This feature enabled us to connect with seekers by inviting them to watch a short video of a true story about a Muslim man who has a dream of Christ. In the four-week period we featured this video, over 3,500 people viewed the video and 86 responded by leaving their contact details. Our personnel are following up with these inquiries.
Our internet ministry will be broadcasting another video for four weeks this fall, one that is focused on a young man who has rejected Islam in his heart. He sees hypocrisy in his Muslim friends and is beginning to reject religion. This young man is still going through the superficial motions and outwardly submits to the law and his society in order to avoid detection and the penalty of apostasy. He questions how science and religion can mix and believes that religion causes trouble in the world. This is a young man who needs to be certain about truth before he will embrace it.
Like the previous video about dreams, our goal is to connect with the disillusioned young people of the Arab world and challenge them to consider another world view. The short video clip that includes quotes such as ‘Whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites’ is currently in production. The viewer will be invited to inquire ‘who speaks these words that I’m feeling’.
We continue to thank God for the technology and media that enable us to get into a world where sometimes a human cannot go.
Please pray:

  • For creativity and wisdom for the Arab World Media team that creates the content for the videos and website
  • That all the technical details will come together and not be hampered or sabotaged by hackers
  • That young many people who are rejecting their traditional faith will see and respond to the videos and that those involved with the followup to inquiries will have wisdom and grace

Thank you for your prayers and support of Arab World Media.