For the second year in a row, Arab World Media brings you Rethinking Ramadan. This year our challenge is to get people praying, thinking and learning about the majority people of the Arab world region. You might discover something new, but equally you might come to see something from a different point of view. All we ask is that you come with faith and an open heart!
Rethinking Ramadan presents a great opportunity to make time to remember the millions of Muslims who are living without the light of Jesus. As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, Ramadan is not optional for a Muslim. It’s a really difficult fast to complete, because even the swallowing of one’s saliva is forbidden. This kind of extreme fasting strengthens the Islamic beliefs of some Muslims, while for others it’s simply something to be endured. It is a time of great spiritual darkness, but not without hope that for some a journey to freedom in Christ will begin.

Join us!

Ramadan begins on 27 May. Our team is currently working hard to prepare the content of our Rethinking Ramadan challenge. The best way to receive it is directly to your inbox (sign up below), but you will also be able to view it here on our website from 27 May. Whether you take part or not, we’d be glad if you would ask God to use this time to help many individuals understand the complexities of Islam and the issues that Arab world Muslims face. May all that we do glorify God and demonstrate his loving grace for all.
PS If you signed up last year, you won’t need to sign up again!

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