We received this recently from a family based in Jordan. The man’s name has been changed…
Abe earns a living selling vegetables, pushing his cart through the busy streets. He comes from a very poor, fundamentalist Muslim family.
Abe’s father came to know Jesus through Christian Arabic satellite TV and then witnessed to him. But Abe beat his father up multiple times for the heretical things he told him.
After days of selling very little, Abe noticed how a Christian Orthodox seller would pray and then, in the name of Jesus, draw a cross over his vegetables every morning. He always sold much more than Abe.
So one morning, out of desperation, Abe lowered his head and prayed in the name of Jesus, asking for blessing and to know if He was really God. Within 20 minutes, Abe had sold all the vegetables on his cart. He knew Jesus was real and returned to his father, repentant and ready to receive Jesus as his Saviour.
What an amazing story of how God answers the prayers of those who seek Him out. Pray that more would pray in the name of Jesus, be blessed and follow Him as a result!