TC12 is a prayer initiative for 15 specific countries of the Arab world. We are asking God for an increase in the number of spiritual enquirers. Each month we pray for a different country, asking that God would use the ministry of Arab World Media to bring more people to a living faith in Christ. Here are the results for the first half of 2013… This table shows the number of visits to our ministry websites in the first half of the year. It also includes the number of posts liked on our ministry Facebook page.

Country Visits to website Facebook post* likes
Algeria 21,499 3,232,703
Bahrain 3,411 4,224
Egypt 421,842 581,406
Iraq 552,217 888,348
Jordan 212,663 679,197
Kuwait 60,607 20,069
Libya 14,934 2,744,685
Morocco 69,847 1,931,406
Oman 47,800 40,943
Palestine 127,343 454,525
Qatar 23,600 11,502
Saudi Arabia 590,398 159,430
Syria 5,884 43,048
UAE 21,492 79,104
Yemen 41,744 499,510
Total 2,215,281 10,872,527

* Posts are things like videos and links to articles. They are content. Take a look at our ministry Facebook page to see what we post for yourself!
Interestingly, all the North African countries (Algiera, Morocco, Libya) have lower visits but higher numbers of Facebook likes. Saudi Arabia still tops the list for visits, while Algeria tops the list for likes. Between January and June we prayed for: Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, the small Gulf states (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE), Egypt and Jordan. Here are a few snippets of feedback for each country…
Saudi Arabia: A short video clip highlighting the issue of rape has drawn many visitors from Saudi and other parts of the Gulf with almost half a million views during the first quarter.
Palestine: During the first quarter we received over 34,000 visits from the Palestinian Territories. This compares with only 563 in the previous quarter.
Syria: As we can’t advertise in Syria, this is a difficult country to reach, but we have had some encouraging feedback. More than half a million people watched a song prayer video for Syria, generating more than 18,000 likes on Facebook.
The Small Gulf States: This video on the subject of mobile flirting was watched by over 10,000 Gulfis during the second quarter of the year. This is a good response from these hard-to-reach countries.
Egypt: Here’s just one message we received from Egypt this year… I would like to get to know a church or a group of Christians because I am weary of being alone and I can’t talk to those around me.
Jordan: We had over 50,000 visits from Jordan in the second quarter, with many viewing videos on the subjects of violence in the family and rape. Almost 5,000 Jordanians liked a video on hypocrisy on our Facebook page.