Hopelessness and fear

If you receive our monthly prayer email Breakthrough, you will be familiar with these two particular strongholds. They have a firm grip on millions of lives, not only in war-torn parts, but throughout the Arab world region. Since January 2014, Arab World Media has been sending out monthly prayer requests for each Arab world country. In the past twenty months, almost half of the strongholds we’ve prayed against have been either hopelessness or fear.
Many Arab world Muslims feel there is no hope for the future and no hope of freedom, peace or change, yet there is also fear of new things and the unknown. It is a terrible situation to be stuck in. There is a desire to move forward and see positive change, but this may seem impossible or too big a step to take.

The power of prayer

Satan has a strong influence on many lives, which is why it is so important to pray regularly over this part of the world. We don’t pray with any specific knowledge of what the future holds, but we do pray as Spirit-filled vessels, rooted in the knowledge that God’s overall plan is good and will be victorious.
Things may get worse, humanly speaking but, if we pray, many hearts and minds will be released from hopelessness and fear. The Holy Spirit can and will bring people into the knowledge of God’s love, mercy and grace. And he is using organisations like Arab World Media to present an alternative to the fatalistic mindset of Islam. That alternative is Christ, the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).
Please commit to praying regularly for an end to hopelessness and fear in the Arab world. Sign up to receive monthly prayer requests through Breakthrough. Pray particularly for our ministry team as they sow truth into people’s lives.
Thank you for your partnership.