From a Pioneers field worker in the Middle East
Some of our associates are medical workers in the Middle East and North Africa. Their employment within the health-care industry in their country of assignment provides for their residence visa and allows them to remain in-country legally. They are living the message penned by Matthew, ‘In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven’. One of our Pioneers’ families recently wrote to share with us the importance of prayer – ours, yours and theirs – as they seek to live Christ-like lives in an often hostile environment.
Recently we have seen some answers to prayer in the lives and bodies of our patients. We have seen significant healing in three of our patients, who until recently were not responding to treatment. After months of apparently ineffective treatment and effective prayer, the Lord has healed a couple of women who will be heading home soon.

Why is this significant? Many of the patients at this particular hospital have come from countries in the region where medical care is inadequate and a gospel witness is not present. Once these patients are released, they return to their country of origin and most often carry with them the message of God’s love that they have received from their caregiver at the hospital.

Prayer strikes the winning blow;
service is simply picking up the pieces.
S.D. Gordon

She went on to tell us the story of Abdurrahman*, a medical professional from a neighbouring country that is in conflict. This gentleman had been treated a year earlier at their hospital and went home to his country but relapsed. Due to a lack of medications and a breakdown in the medical system, he was forced to flee his country through a circuitous route and return for treatment. Unfortunately, he returned with a multiple drug-resistant form of the illness.
Upon arrival at the hospital, Abdurrahman was skin and bones and could barely walk – he looked like a survivor from a concentration camp. For weeks his body did not respond to treatment. The medications required for his illness were so strong that they affected his mind as well as his body. Soon, as is common in patients receiving these particular medications, he became irrational, began stealing and behaving very inappropriately.
The team working with Abdurrahman called out for prayer support and began themselves to pray earnestly on his behalf. He slowly started to improve, but mostly, he didn’t get any worse for a while. Then unexpectedly there appeared to be marked progress. Abdurrahman gained six kilos; he started to smile and become active, leaving his bed for the first time since he had arrived. But, more remarkably, he began to devour God’s Word. He started reading through the Bible, beginning with Matthew and working his way through Luke. One day he asked ‘Who created the Good Shepherd?’ His healthcare worker took him to the beginning of John where it is written, ‘The Word became man and dwelt among us’. He replied that this was a very difficult thought. Since then, their conversations and discussions have continued.
Please pray for the healthcare workers who are shining a light into the world of darkness. Pray for their patients, that they will receive him who is their healer.
*names of been changed for privacy reasons