This story comes from a worker serving in North Africa…
Rasuul* was a very important figure among his people group. About fifty years ago, he decided to take his family and leave his homeland. Whether he was headed for Mecca (on pilgrimage) or simply going away from his home is unclear, but he went on his way fasting and asking God for a revelation.
During this time of travelling and fasting, Rasuul had a vision in which he saw a dirty and beaten man with ragged clothes standing next to a woman. The woman told him, ‘Follow this man.’ Rasuul was indignant. How could he follow this man? He was unclean and not worthy of following. He didn’t understand. But he recalled the words of the Qur’an – that if you don’t understand something, you should ask the ‘people of the book’. So, when he came across an Italian missionary, he asked for a copy of the Tawrat (first five books of the Bible). While he was still averse to reading the gospels, he read the Tawrat and believed it was true. From this time, though he still prayed with Muslims, he would always say he believed in the Tawrat.
Rasuul decided to settle in a neighbouring country. His outlook on religion had changed. While he simply said he believed in the first five books of the Bible, he gave all of his children the freedom to choose their religion, telling them that each path was a path to God. In God’s providence of this freedom, most of his children chose faith in Christ.
One day, when they gathered together as a family, Rasuul’s daughter read Isaiah 53. As she read, Rasuul’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed, ‘This man is the man in my vision! Who is he?’ His daughter told him it was Jesus. From that day, the animosity towards the gospels and Jesus fell away, and Rasuul followed Christ.
Three years ago, Rasuul passed away, but before he died he called his children together and asked them to do something.
‘Our people must know the truth about Jesus,’ he said. ‘Please go and tell them about the decision I made, and the truth about Jesus.’
Now, we hear that at least one of Rasuul’s children is making plans to return to his homeland and share the good news with this people group. Praise God for this opportunity and pray that many would be amazed as they learn of Rasuul’s faith in Christ.

*Name has been changed.