Recently, some of our Pioneers members were working at a bookstand in a non-Arab land that is host to many Arab world immigrants. A gentleman passed by the bookstand and because our Pioneers workers presumed he was a follower of Islam, they offered him some information on Christianity. He refused the offer, saying that he was already a follower of Jesus; then he shared his testimony.
When I was very young, my cousin was born with a heart defect. My aunt was told that he was very ill and that he would not live long but would die in a few months. My aunt was heartbroken. She went home to her room and lay on the floor, crying out to Allah, to Ali, to Moses and to Jesus. She prayed for days and cried all the time. Then one night while she was sleeping she had a dream. In her dream she saw a door open to a very, very bright light. It was so bright that she asked to close the door because she was so tired and sad.

The voice from the open door said, ‘I have come because you asked me to heal your son.’
’Who are you?’ she asked.
‘I am Jesus. Your son is well. He is healed,’ replied the voice.
My aunt was so happy that she awoke her husband. They took my cousin to the doctor who told them they were crazy people and that the boy was going to die. Then the doctor examined the baby and discovered that the baby was healed! My aunt and uncle told the doctor that the baby was healed by Jesus in a dream. Because of this, my whole family believes. My cousin is still alive and is a shopkeeper back home. You can visit him and he will tell you the same story. Praise God!
We thank God for the many reports of dreams and visions.