Several media organizations, including Arab World Media, have partnered in a new initiative to reach the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the message of God’s love.
A few days ago the Christian satellite channel, Al Hayat TV, began to air a new weekly program, The Saudi Magazine. When a prime-time broadcast slot unexpectedly became available, Al Hayat TV took this as a miraculous reminder of God’s special grace and favour for this production. The first series of 13 initial episodes had already been completed and were ready for broadcast. In the first five days, the estimated audience size and number of respondents equalled or surpassed the average monthly response levels of almost every other program being aired on the channel. The potential this represents for kingdom impact is vast.

In light of this news, we can expect the enemy to redouble his efforts to oppose such a strategic media initiative. Already, the design, development and initial launch of The Saudi Magazine have all faced fierce spiritual warfare.   Those directly involved in this project have had to battle through a myriad of technical problems and equipment malfunction, personal safety and security concerns, as well as emotional and physical health issues, including a life-threatening infection from which our God delivered one of our brothers involved in the initiative.
Arab World Media’s Arabian Dawn series of Saudi testimonies, which have already triggered increased interaction on our YouTube channel, will be aired on the weekly Saudi Magazine broadcasts. As well, we will provide additional creative content that includes poems, music and scripture reading in the Saudi dialect.
If there ever was a moment to increase our efforts in collective intercessory prayer on behalf of the people of Saudi Arabia hearing the message of the gospel in their own dialect for the first time, it is now!  Please continue to pray for our Saudi brother who serves as the program’s host; pray also for all the other content contributors – many have come from a Muslim background. Thank you for your continued prayers for all the content producers, as well as the broadcast and follow-up teams working on this initiative.