By a member of the Media Team
Dubai is one the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. It has an abundance of skyscrapers, shopping malls, luxury hotels and homes, coupled with beautiful beaches and guaranteed sunshine. It is a rich man’s paradise and possibly the easiest non-Western place for a Westerner to be. Everything is shiny and new. It would be no great hardship to live there. It has everything you could wish for!
Dubai is also one of the saddest places I have ever been to. It seems soulless. Being there is like being among many cultures and none all at once. Walk through a shopping mall and you will see people from all over the world. You won’t feel like you are in an Arab country and you won’t see many actual Emiratis. There is no sense of community and there is no sign that you could find one easily.
The saddest thing about this city is that its people have no less need of salvation than any other but have far fewer opportunities to hear the good news. Dubai is not the kind of city that missionaries flock to. Maybe it’s too nice a place to live or maybe it’s too expensive for ‘poor’ missionaries. Or maybe the ground is too hard and there’s not enough promise of fruit. Whatever the reason, it is clear that Dubai – along with the other six Emirates – does not have enough workers and maybe never will.
Emirati man on beachSo how can the people of Dubai hear the good news? One particular way is through the web. Our online ministry aims to present the gospel in Arabic and in a cultural-sensitive way. The aim is to show that it is possible to become a Christian (many Gulf Arabs believe it is not) and point the way to salvation. Not only do we present the gospel, we also provide personal follow-up to answer questions that people inevitably have. Additionally, once a person is ready to go deeper, they can be put in touch with someone in their country or take an online discipleship course (or both!).
In 2012 Arab World Media began a prayer initiative for ten countries of the Arab world, and the United Arab Emirates is one of these ten. This quarter, we are praying for the one million Emiratis who don’t know Jesus. We are praying that the content we put up would address the needs of Emiratis and cause many to be drawn to Christ as they think of spiritual things.
Please join us today in praying for the people of Dubai as well as for the other Emirates that make up the UAE. Pray for spiritual breakthrough in this desert land. Please also consider joining us in regular prayer through our TC12 email, which goes out once a month.