Today, 13 March, marks the third anniversary of the conflict in Syria. What began with a few teenagers in the city of Dara’a being arrested for spray painting ‘The people want the downfall of the regime’ on their city’s walls turned into protests, violent confrontations, then civil war. The conflict is now incredibly complicated, with many different groups opposing the government and each other. No side is innocent and millions of people have been affected. According to the UN, Syrians are about to overtake Afghanis in becoming the largest refugee population worldwide.
Please take time today to lift up the people and nation of Syria. It all seems hopeless, but this is no reason to hold back our prayers. We serve and worship a God who is compassionate, loving and merciful. He holds the world in his hands and he will ultimately bring justice. Our role is to stand with those who are suffering, so let’s do that today!