I ask God most high to help me and then I turn to you also. I feel so sad and have pain that almost suffocates me, yet for no reason. I could say much more but I can’t explain it. Please reply to me. May God bless you.
Women at risk are one of the four people groups we have been reaching out to this year, through our Love Never Fails initiative. A series of self-help video modules has been produced to help people tackle a number of mental health issues, including depression, forgiveness, self-esteem and sexual abuse.
Seven out of twelve modules have so far been launched, and the response we’ve received so far has been hugely encouraging. We promoted the modules, with some short ‘hook’ videos, like this one on anger, and these were viewed more than 53,000 times. We also put together some quizzes to help people identify their problem areas. These were completed 35,000 times.
The videos module themselves, which are about twenty minutes in length, were watched more than 31,000 times and downloaded 18,000 times. There were also 5,000 downloads of an accompanying PDF transcript.
We’ve also seen a number of people get in touch to share their own stories. Our team has been in direct contact with more than 500 individuals by email, phone and instant messaging. These situations are very personal and have to be treated as confidential, so we are unable to share much, but our response team manager writes…
We see that many women (and, indeed, men) have suffered harsh experiences in childhood and still struggle with them today. Correspondents have also shared their struggles in home and marriage, failure in education, post-natal depression, physical illness, material difficulties and fears for the future.
We seek to show love and concern to each one who writes. We strongly encourage them to work through the whole module in order to benefit from it fully.
Please pray for the people who have been viewing the self-help modules. The issues we have been tackling will be deeply rooted for many. We pray that these videos would help many individuals move their lives in a positive direction. Please also lift up those on our team as they hear from people who are very hurt and damaged. They need strength and wisdom. Please also pray that many would come to see how loving and merciful our Father God is.