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Discover Yourself – اكتشف نفسك

This is a self-help series for those facing various mental health issues such as depression, bereavement, etc. The series includes introductory videos and articles, self-evaluation quizzes and self-help video modules.

This page has links to the introductory videos and articles.

This page has direct links to the self-help videos, including downloadable pdf files of the transcripts.

There’s an app available for iPhone and Android.

49 Steps – الثمن المؤلم لاتباع المعلم

This is a Bible-based teaching series for believers facing persecution. The 49 lessons are presented in seven groups of seven.

This page introduces the series.

Get the reading plan on YouVersion.

Other Bible studies

The Way to God – الطريق إلى الله

This is a 10 lesson course introducing the message of the Bible for seekers.

Faith and Life – الإيمان والحياة

This includes a number of FAQs about the Christian faith and a selection of articles on everyday life from a Christian perspective.

The Journey – المسيرة

This is a DVD-based programme which provides an open place to walk with the prophets and meet the Messiah. If you would like to use The Journey for your ministry, contact us and we will put you in touch with a local representative.

Other items which may be of relevance to refugees

This page includes a download of the Bible and options to read or listen to it online.

The Story is a short gospel presentation in an animated video. (Here’s the English version.)

The Coming is an audio presentation approximately one hour long in Syrian dialect, showing how Old Testament prophets prepared the way for the coming Messiah.

A Prayer for Syria is a short video with links to other articles about Syria.

A Prayer for Iraq is a short video with links to other articles about Iraq.

My Homeless People is a blog post by a Syrian member of our ministry team.

Journal of a Syrian Girl is an article from Life, our online magazine.

Prayer for Syria in song is a short music video.

Hamid for Christ is the story of how an Iraqi refugee found Christ in Lebanon.

The Path from Damascus is the video testimony of a Syrian Muslim who came to Christ.

Finally, here is a link to our Contact Us page, which includes a web form, phone numbers, live chat, etc.