Do Christians pray, fast, and give to charity?

Christians do pray, fast and give to charity, but they often look different to the way Muslims do them. Although there are ritual Christian prayers, and we often pray together on Sunday or at other times when we meet, many Christians pray most of the time without memorized words or phrases. We can and do praise God and thank him at any time and in any place. We ask for his help and his guidance.
As for fasting, one reason it’s rarely discussed is that Jesus told us to keep our fasts secret, to not display our ‘good works’ to others. Fasting for Christians can also mean more than not eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset. It can mean not eating or drinking at all for more than one day. It can mean eating nothing and drinking only water for a few days, or for a week. It can mean not eating any animal products for many days. Some Chistians even choose to fast from things like coffee, television, or the internet, for long periods of time.
Christians also give to the poor and needy. This is another thing that Jesus told us to do quietly or in secret. Communities of Christians and individuals are supposed to take special care of orphans, widows, and anyone who is oppressed.
We are not told to do any of this so that God will love us, bless us or forgive us, but we should do them out of gratitude, to thank God for what he has already given us.

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