Do we not believe in the same God?

There are quite a few things we do agree on – for example, we believe in the one creator God, who has sent prophets and books to his people. But there are also differences. We think that the most important difference is that we don’t believe anyone can ever do enough good works that God will forgive their sins. When people try to make God forgive them, love them, bless them, or be merciful to them by doing good works, this is a form of pride. This pride is a belief that you can do enough to earn mercy and forgiveness, and it is very close to idolatry of yourself.
Instead, we believe in the gospel, which teaches that God promises mercy and grace to those who:

  • admit they cannot please him with good works
  • turn away from idolatry of good works
  • and humbly trust in the way that he has provided

This way allows Jesus to make us clean.

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