How does Jesus make us clean?

We believe that Jesus, the eternal Word of God, was sent to earth. He was born of a virgin, and lived a perfect life. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and taught his disciples. We probably agree on all that.
We believe that Jesus was more than just a prophet, though. He was sent to do more than heal and teach. God is just and required the blood of a sacrifice to clean away sin. Jesus willingly accepted this job. He agreed to be the perfect sacrifice that would make people clean.
So, Jesus died on the cross as that sacrifice. It may have looked like a sad day, but it was a victory for God’s plan to clean people from their sin. And then, three days later, Jesus was resurrected. He did not stay dead, instead he was brought back to life. He later went up to heaven to be with God.
By turning from the pride of good works, believing that your sins need a sacrifice to be cleansed and removed, and accepting that Jesus was that sacrifice, you are cleansed. Then, you can do good works simply because you are grateful to God.

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