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No matter how or why you’ve come here, we’re glad you have. We’d like to introduce ourselves, answer some questions you might have and, if you like, we’d love to start a conversation about faith and God with you, your family, and your community.

Here’s what we believe

We think there’s probably a lot we agree on. We believe in one creator God, who created us to know, love and obey him. We believe that God has spoken through prophets. We believe that God’s books tell individuals and communities how they should live to be happy and to please God. We believe in the day of judgement. We love Jesus and think his message and example are important for everyone.
There are some differences as well and we don’t want to hide them. We believe that each one of us does wrong. We believe that our sins, weaknesses and mistakes make us impure, unclean and unworthy to receive any blessings or mercy from God. We believe that God, because he is just, must punish sin and evil. He doesn’t simply ignore it or let our good deeds cover it up. Covering up sin is like trying to cover the smell of rotting food with perfume. It doesn’t work! The food needs to be cleaned up.
So, to be with God, to enter heaven, we need to be made clean. We believe that we can never do enough good works to deserve heaven. There has to be another way. We believe that God’s books and prophets, such as Abraham, Moses and David, have talked of one way to be made clean. And Jesus is the way that we are made clean. Find out more in our Questions about Christianity page.

Here’s what we do

We use social media, websites, TV and radio programmes, Bible courses and literature to share our beliefs. We think everyone should have a chance to hear what we believe and get answers to their questions. We also help other believers to learn more about God, how to love and obey him, and how to do good to everyone around them.

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