Inspiring stories that show how God is working among Muslims of the Arab world…

‘This is my Son…’

A dream marks the beginning of a young Muslim man’s search for the truth.

Nabil* comes from a very devout Muslim family. Though there are Christians in his city, he had never met one and believed they were infidels. He was a very serious, conservative Muslim. Like those around him, he always fasted and prayed during Ramadan, seeking to honour God.

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Do not be afraid – the authorities

Continuing to reflect on our theme and message for the year: Do not be afraid.

I realise how dangerous my decision is, but I don’t care. As long as I am sure this is the right path, I will follow God.

Tahib* is one of many former Muslims who could receive unwanted attention from the authorities, but this hasn’t stopped his pursuit of the truth. He began his spiritual journey by studying the Qur’an with a group of friends.

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Where God wants me

A testimony about the transforming power of God’s love

Basmah* is a Muslim of Sunni background. She was once fully committed to Islam. After war came to Syria, she and her children saw many traumatic things. Basmah lost her husband, and her children lost their father, to the war. Along with millions of other Syrians, they left for Turkey and became refugees.

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Embracing the truth

Sorry, due to a development in the situation of the people mentioned in this story, it has been temporarily removed.

Enemy to brother

Abdu* is a young Middle Eastern man. His father is a well known figure in his home city. He belongs to a fundamentalist Muslim organisation that operates across the country. Abdu became very active in this group at a very early age.

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