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The challenge
The Arab world is beautifully diverse, filled with noise and colour, rich in history. Its people are some of the warmest, most generous and hospitable people you'll ever meet, but the vast majority of them do not follow Jesus. Millions of Muslims in the Arab world have yet to hear the gospel and those who've accepted Christ face isolation, rejection, and persecution.

Our strategy

Arab World Media uses strategic digital media to present the truth of the gospel and engage Muslims who are seeking, open and ready.
In addition, we support believers in the Arab world through online discipleship and by connecting them with other believers near to them.
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Our team of Arab national responders is in active contact with hundreds of individuals. Each month, about 30 individuals give their lives to Jesus. 

Monthly impact

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What people are saying

The gospel is the greatest book that was given to humanity.
- Khabur, Yemen
I want to know more about the Lord Jesus. I did not know the right path before, but when Christ enlightened me, I loved him with all my heart.
- Nesa, Jordan
My heart and my mind were telling me that everything the Christian faith said was true. So I decided to find out more about Christ.
- Hamza, Saudi Arabia

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