Pray intentionally

Prayer Requests
We are praying specifically for the island of Djerba in Tunisia. The number of believers here can be counted on one hand. Let's pray for a spiritual awakening in the south of Tunisia, that many would come to know Christ.
Prayer for the victims of terrorism
Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced terrorism. From Syria to Sudan, Yemen to Somalia, people have been forced from their homes, parted with their families, and have had to deal with these traumatic experiences. But instead of giving into the darkness, so many have chosen to press on. Let’s lift them all to the Lord in prayer. Praise God for creating people with perseverance, to carry on despite their pain. Ask the Father to heal and comfort those working through their difficulties. Pray that victims’ hearts would not be hardened by the suffering they’ve endured, but they would be open to the love, joy, and peace of knowing Jesus.
Beirut explosions
On 4 August 2020, explosions devastated the city of Beirut, Lebanon. Thousands have been affected. Pray as the country unites together in healing and rebuilding.
Our online ministry
Over the month of July, we've heard from Arab seekers across the region. Egypt, Yemen, and Algeria were our top 3 most active countries, each of them seeing over 200 seekers submitting webforms, and Egypt took the lion’s share of Bible downloads — 689! Pray for our online ministry to be even more effective!