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Arab World Media was established in 1959 under the leadership of North Africa Mission. We began with the production of radio programmes for broadcast in North Africa, but over the years we have utilised Bible correspondence, print publishing, theological training by extension, Bible translation and satellite television production. In 2010 we joined the Pioneers family and established ourselves as an independent charity, under their leadership.

Today, our ministry is completely digital. Each month, we attract thousands of visitors to our website and through social media. Our well-developed media strategies help us to identify those who are ready to embrace the truth of the gospel. Our team of Arab national responders are on hand to personally answer people's questions and listen to their stories. We're excited about what the future holds as we see more and more Arab Muslims respond to the truth of the gospel.

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Statement of Faith


We're a global team of Christ followers who are passionate about sharing Jesus with those who have not heard the good news. We use our gifts and skills in marketing, communications, video production, programming and administration for God's purposes.
Current Opportunities
Key Points
The first radio programmes are recorded in Marrakesh, Morocco and broadcast by Radio ELWA, Liberia.
Radio School of the Bible
A former cheese factory is purchased in the South of France and the Radio School of the Bible is established. Over the years, this is the base for our correspondence courses, television production and internet ministry.
Digital delivery
We take a new strategic direction, aiming to engage the digital generation of the Arab world by switching to digital delivery of content using the internet, and beginning to use chat rooms, YouTube, SMS messaging and social media.
A new direction
We establish a new department of Arab World Media called Media to Movements to envision, promote and train teams and organisations in the use of media strategy and technology for church planting. We begin to use personas as we seek to engage better with our target audience. This new strategy proves to be highly effective.
What we're doing today
We are a global and multinational team, with offices in the Middle East and Europe. We are fully focused on using digital media to reach people who are ready to hear and receive the message of Christ. Our responders are counselling and discipling hundreds of seekers and new believers each month. This is an exciting time for the Arab world!

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