Arab World Media partners with Arabic churches and like-minded organizations in various ways – not only in correspondence and follow-up of seekers and new believers in Arab world countries, but also in things such as the co-production of materials, media-related experiments, and discussions on how best to connect with a particular country.

With the move from mass media to relational media (social media), media organizations today are under a lot of pressure to develop one-on-one relationships with their audience. No longer can we get away with one person preaching to a million; all is now focused on relating one-on-one! To cope with this new reality, Arab World Media is prioritizing the development of partnerships with local Arab churches as a way of effectively engaging the Arab digital generation with the gospel. Included in this new reality is the need for media staff to work shifts in order to cover Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other online media at all hours.

If you would be able to help us produce material or would like to engage with us in meaningful social media, relating to Arabic speakers, please contact us at