FAQs about Arab World Media, Pioneers and our beliefs…

When did Arab World Media begin?

Our ministry began in 1959 with the production and broadcast of radio programmes in Marrakesh, Morocco.

What is Arab World Media all about?

You can read more about our vision and strategic objectives on the Arab World Media page.

Tell me more about the core values of Pioneers and Arab World Media.

In Pioneers and Arab World Media, we hold strongly to our core values. You can read more about them on our Core values page.

How can I get involved with Arab World Media?

We are always looking for new members, both long and short-term. Find out more on our Join our team page.

How can I make a donation to Arab World Media?

UK residents and those who do not require a tax receipt can make an online donation in GBP through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account in order to do this.

If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you can make an online donation through Pioneers.

If you wish to make a donation by other means (e.g. cheque, electronic transfer, standing order), visit your nearest Pioneers office website for more info. UK residents can give through AWM-Pioneers as we are unable, at present, to directly receive other forms of gift than online.

What is Maarifa?

The Arabic word maarifa means knowledge. This is the name we have given to our online media ministry. Maarifa engages young people of the Arab world through online media to facilitate church planting movements in partnership with local churches. As such, we aim to:

  • Connect young people of the Arab world with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Engage seekers through personal interaction so as to encourge them on their spiritual journey
  • Disciple new believers through an online mentored discipleship programme
  • Facilitate church-planting movements by encouraging new believers to reach their own social networks and by linking new believers with indigenous groups

What is SecuriCare?

SecuriCare supports ministry to unreached people by providing IT security products, services and training to missionaries and churches. For more information, check out the SecuriCare page.

Why is media important for the advancement of the gospel in the Arab world?

The people of the Arab world are very media savvy; satellite television and the internet have permeated society. There are about 347 million mobile phone subscriptions in the Arab world, a clear indication of the high percentage of digital connections in the Arab world. This short video illustrates the impact of media on young people around the globe.

How many people does Arab World Media reach?

There are over 340 million people in the Arabic speaking world, more than half under 24 years of age. Arab World Media reaches out to young people who are educated, online, and connected to the rest of the world. We get an average of 200,000 visits per month to our ministry website and we have over 760,000 followers on Facebook. Last year, almost 18,000 people made personal contact with our response team. To learn more about the reach of Arab World Media, please contact us.

What countries does Arab World Media work in?

We define the Arab world as countries where the main language is Arabic and Arabs are a key ethnic group. These countries are: Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Where are Arab World Media’s offices located?

Arab World Media works from four ministry centres. These are located in the United Kingdom, France, Lebanon and Egypt.

Tell me more about Pioneers.

Pioneers has more than 2,600 people serving in 100 countries. Read more about our mission family on the Pioneers page.

What happened to Arab World Ministries?

In 2010, Arab World Ministries merged with Pioneers. This took place after a long period of consultation between the leadership of Arab World Ministries and Pioneers.

Pioneers focuses on planting churches among unreached people groups, of which there are many in the Arab world. Arab World Media serves as a ministry of Pioneers and works closely with teams in the North Africa Middle East (NAME) region.

What is the Insider Movement? Is Arab World Media a part of it?

The Insider Movement encourages believers in Jesus to retain a Muslim religious identity (to a greater or lesser degree). Neither Arab World Media nor Pioneers endorse this approach. For more details, see our statement on contextualization.