Second quarter insights 2018

April to June 2018

The truth in Christ

A brother in Christ visited us and we all prayed together. I felt an inner peace and so did my wife. For a few seconds, it felt like warm water was pouring on me from my head to my feet. What a wonderful feeling! I wish that all people would wake up from their ignorance and repent to their Creator, who redeemed them through the Greatest Lamb to remove all of their sins.

Esa* wrote this after his first meeting with a worker. He is a Syrian refugee, living in Turkey. He already knew a few things about the Christian faith by the time he got in touch with us. When our responder explained salvation to him, he was ready to accept Christ there and then.

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‘This is my Son…’

A dream marks the beginning of a young Muslim man’s search for the truth.

Nabil* comes from a very devout Muslim family. Though there are Christians in his city, he had never met one and believed they were infidels. He was a very serious, conservative Muslim. Like those around him, he always fasted and prayed during Ramadan, seeking to honour God.

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Breakthrough August 2018

Breakthrough is a monthly call to pray for the Arab world. In each edition we focus on a different country of the region, praying for breakthrough over a particular stronghold.

In this month’s Breakthrough we pray for the country of Saudi Arabia. As the birthplace of Islam and a place where there is very little religious freedom, Saudi Arabia seems to be a brick wall for the gospel. However, the Holy Spirit isn’t restricted the way humans are. The internet is one way where we’ve seen God transforming Saudis’ lives. Saudis like Suleiman*, who filled in the main contact form on our website, asking us to contact him via WhatsApp because he wanted to know more about the Christian faith.

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Do not be afraid – the authorities

Continuing to reflect on our theme and message for the year: Do not be afraid.

I realise how dangerous my decision is, but I don’t care. As long as I am sure this is the right path, I will follow God.

Tahib* is one of many former Muslims who could receive unwanted attention from the authorities, but this hasn’t stopped his pursuit of the truth. He began his spiritual journey by studying the Qur’an with a group of friends.

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Where God wants me

A testimony about the transforming power of God’s love

Basmah* is a Muslim of Sunni background. She was once fully committed to Islam. After war came to Syria, she and her children saw many traumatic things. Basmah lost her husband, and her children lost their father, to the war. Along with millions of other Syrians, they left for Turkey and became refugees.

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