From a field worker

In some of the Arabic speaking Muslim nations there is a presence of Christianity. It could be an ancient church structure or, as in one Middle Eastern country, a church secretly carved out inside a mountain. However, the nation where I lived for some years had no visible presence of Christianity – the believers believe in secret. They meet in small secret groups in frequently changing secret locations. There are no churches on a hill, no church bells ringing, and no church steeples in the distance, no lights at Christmas and no chocolate eggs at Easter. It’s a strange world to an outsider who has come from a land where there’s a church ‘on every corner’ and commercial reminders of Christian traditions passed down through the years. 

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ONCE FOR ALL – a love story

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. (John 1:1-2)

These are the opening words of a new book that Arab World Media is publishing in partnership with South African artist Alida Bothma. The book is called Once for All. Beautifully illustrated, and bilingual in Arabic and English, it recounts the life of Jesus and the events that led up to his crucifixion and resurrection.

The article on Sacrifice reflects so vividly that Easter has no meaning for Muslims of the Arab world. All that we celebrate at this time of year – the hope in Christ, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection, and life everlasting – is so difficult to communicate to Muslims, yet so important. The aim of this book is to take us one step further on the journey of explaining to Muslims what Jesus has done for each one of us. 

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Jesus through the eyes of a woman…

Arab World Media is participating in an online campaign to make the Magdalena film accessible to four countries in the Arab world – Libya, Egypt, Sudan and Yemen. We are aiming to reach 24 to 45-year-old internet users and it is our prayer that 100,000 people in these four countries will view the film. When shown in Yemen at an earlier time, 1 out of every 100 people who watched this film watched the entire movie.

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What happens when our sins find us out?

Take a look at our latest video, on the subject of adultery. Pray that it stimulates thought and discussion on our Facebook page

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Third anniversary of Syria conflict

Today, 13 March, marks the third anniversary of the conflict in Syria. What began with a few teenagers in the city of Dara’a being arrested for spray painting ‘The people want the downfall of the regime’ on their city’s walls turned into protests, violent confrontations, then civil war.

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Why do we hate Christians?

The following testimony comes from a member of our team in the Middle East. For security reasons, we have used pseudonyms…

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Breakthrough in Chad

Last month, we began a new prayer initiative called Breakthrough. One of the countries we prayed for was Chad, where fear is a stronghold – fear of all kinds of things, such as change, people and demons.

Last week, a worker shared a short, encouraging story of breakthrough, which you can read on our website. It demonstrates in a small way the difference God’s people are making in the lives of locals as well as the importance of undergirding their work with prayer.

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Peace begins with a smile

By the Director of Arab World Media

I watched the news recently of the evacuation of the city of Homs in Syria. I was deeply moved by the image of a man running down a street, pushing another man in a wheelchair. They were desperate to escape the horrors of life in that city. I couldn’t help asking myself, ‘Is there any hope for peace in Syria?’

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