A life-changing journey

One of our aims for 2016, through our While it is Day initiative, is to empower the global church to minister to Muslim refugees more effectively. ‘The Journey’ is a video-based course that takes people through the Old Testament to discover the truth about the coming Messiah, Jesus. It was designed for people of the Arab world, by believers from the Arab world. It is an amazing resource and we are privileged to partner with this ministry.

The following report comes from a group of believers in Germany who ran the course earlier this year. It is very encouraging, so please read and share…

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An important announcement

From the Director of Arab World Media

Over the last 12 years, I have had the wonderful privilege of serving as Director of Arab World Media. During this time, tremendous changes have taken place – both in the Arab world and in the world of media. A new era of openness has dawned among Muslims and God has provided incredible opportunities for us to share the gospel with them. I am truly grateful to God for using and enabling the ministry of Arab World Media to have a significant impact in the hearts of many Muslim seekers, and I rejoice over each one who has turned to Christ.

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What can we do about fear?

It seems these days that almost every breaking news item is accompanied with a note that terrorism ‘cannot be ruled out’. We hold our breath as we await confirmation that a plane crash, a stabbing or a shooting has been orchestrated by a supporter of Daesh (ISIS). And even before we know the motive of an attack, we’re gripped with fear as we realise it could have been us or someone we know.

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Connecting with refugees

Safia* is in a refugee camp in Germany. She believes in Christ but is afraid. Our responder Habib* spoke with her about Ramadan (which came to an end at the beginning of July). He told her that she could dedicate her time of fasting to Jesus. She was afraid that if the Syrians in her camp discovered that she was a believer, they might tell someone in Syria and so the information might get to her family. Habib asked if she would like to meet Christian brothers and sisters in Germany. She hesitated at first. They prayed together. She said that she feels lonely and she really wants to meet someone. We’re seeking to put her in touch with an Arabic speaker.

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Tuesday 5 July [request]

Zakat is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is considered to be a tax based on the year’s income (above a minimum tax-free threshold).

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