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These videos were made for our ministry websites. Some will have English subtitles…

Finding peace with God

This video continues the journey of Rabia with his sister and friend. In the first video, Through the door, the three had been exploring Christianity and were making the decision to go for it. In Finding peace with God, each of the group has made a decision to put their trust in Jesus, but life isn’t easy. Still, they have each other and they have God’s Word to strengthen them.

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Through the door

This is our latest video, which shows Rabia with his sister and her friend. They have been investigating Christianity and the teachings of Jesus the Messiah. All three determine to continue their faith journey together, despite the possible personal costs.

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Arabian Dawn – a story of healing

We’re thrilled to be able to share the most recent testimony of our Arabian Dawn series. 

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Arabian Dawn – in his time

An Omani believer gives his testimony. A journey of many questions…

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Rabia has made a decision

This short, animated clip was created for use on social media, to try and draw in contact from Muslim seekers who are already thinking about following Jesus: a decision that changes lives for eternity, but often has negative personal consequences (i.e. persecution). By asking viewers what is stopping them from following Jesus, we hope to connect with those in the process of making that decision, and to be able support and encourage them. Please pray!

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