Seven questions on Saudi Arabia

We asked one of our workers seven questions on the country of his heart, Saudi Arabia…

What makes you love the people of Saudi?

My love for Gulf Arabs did not come from myself. God clearly put it in me. I love their hospitality and their devotion to God, albeit misguided. They have a desire to tell non-Muslims about what they think is the truth.

Are there any Bible verses that spring to mind when you think about the people of Saudi Arabia?

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King of kings

By a member of the Media team

King of Kings, Majesty,
God of Heaven living in me,
Gentle Saviour, Closest Friend…

So begins the beautiful worship song that we sang last Sunday at the beginning of our service. In August 2008, a meeting of more than 200 African kings and traditional rulers bestowed the title ‘King of Kings’ on the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The rulers, wearing gold crowns, sequined capes and colourful robes met in the Libyan town of Benghazi in what was billed as a first of its kind. Col Gaddafi urged the royals to join his campaign for African unity. (BBC News, 29 Aug 2008).

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Tunisia votes!

By a Pioneer in Tunisia

In comparison to our other experience of being here during an election in 2009 – in which the former President, Ben Ali, won yet again and the daily activities went on as if no big event was happening – the atmosphere for this election was more like Christmas Day in the States. The streets were fairly bare and quiet. No news of large protests or quarrels, not even in the voting lines.

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Can hope be found in Libya?

The information in this article comes from a team member who attended a recent briefing on the country of Libya.

Over the last few months, there has been much excitement in the news as the rebels in Libya have gained more and more control of the country. Their progress has been eagerly watched, across the world, as Gaddafi’s rule has seemed to come to an end.

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Radio gospel

In North Africa, Baraka (Blessings) FM broadcasts some of our radio programmes. This recent message comes from them. Names have been changed to protect identities…

It is such a blessing to listen to your programmes again, and to know that many many others in North Africa are hearing them and responding to the good news!

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