What do Muslims believe?

Muslims believe the following…

The ten percent

Often the western world forgets that there are Christians in the Arab world. Often the western church forgets too. Certainly, there are not many believers in comparison to the number of Muslims there today. Christians now represent about ten percent of the population of North Africa and the Middle East, but historically there have been Christians in the whole region since early church times. Indeed, they were the majority before the Arab invasions took place.

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Praying for Morocco

Morocco is one of the most popular travel destinations of the Arab world. Its hot climate and close proximity to Europe combined with a hint of the exotic are highly appealing to travellers and holidaymakers alike. Yet, for all its beauty and accessibility, Morocco has its own underlying problems.

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The sky is not the limit

By a member of the Media Team

Dubai is one the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. It has an abundance of skyscrapers, shopping malls, luxury hotels and homes, coupled with beautiful beaches and guaranteed sunshine. It is a rich man’s paradise and possibly the easiest non-Western place for a Westerner to be. Everything is shiny and new. It would be no great hardship to live there. It has everything you could wish for!

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Chewing the khat

Yemen faces many challenges. It is the poorest Arab country. Forty-two percent of its people live below the poverty line. Water shortages, high unemployment rates, internal divisions and the presence of the Arabian Peninsula branch of Al-Qaeda are just some of the issues facing Yemen’s twenty-four million-strong population. But a less known issue in Yemen is the widespread use of the narcotic drug khat.

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