Can hope be found in Libya?

The information in this article comes from a team member who attended a recent briefing on the country of Libya.

Over the last few months, there has been much excitement in the news as the rebels in Libya have gained more and more control of the country. Their progress has been eagerly watched, across the world, as Gaddafi’s rule has seemed to come to an end.

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Radio gospel

In North Africa, Baraka (Blessings) FM broadcasts some of our radio programmes. This recent message comes from them. Names have been changed to protect identities…

It is such a blessing to listen to your programmes again, and to know that many many others in North Africa are hearing them and responding to the good news!

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So vegetables are good for you

We received this recently from a family based in Jordan. The man’s name has been changed…

Abe earns a living selling vegetables, pushing his cart through the busy streets. He comes from a very poor, fundamentalist Muslim family.

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Friday prayers in Morocco

As Ramadan approaches, a Pioneer shares his thoughts on life in Morocco and how its been affected by the Arab Spring.

It’s Friday, a little after midday. In the world around us, this is the day of prayer. The weather is warm and close, the sun is hot. It’s kind of sleepy but we have stuff to do so we keep on going.

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Stuck in Tunisia

Picture this: there’s a really deep river, then on the bank, there’s a tree. There’s a poisonous snake in the tree. Just on the other side of the tree is a lion. You are in the tree. If you stay there, the snake will bite… and you’ll die. If you jump on the land, the lion will pounce… and you’ll die. If you jump in the water, you’ll drown. What do you do?

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