All that is most precious

‘I greet you warmly as my dear family because you are more like a family to me than the one I was born into. You are, for me, second to God, my father, mother and brothers – all that is most precious. Changes are taking place in my whole being. I feel myself becoming one of Jesus’ sheep.’

These words were written many years ago by Brahim in Morocco, but they could have been written yesterday.

Brahim had been doing a Bible correspondence course, which he would have requested by letter or telephone. The material, dispatched from the South of France, would take weeks to come by post and he would have needed much patience. When it arrived, he would need to return his response by the same method and wait again for a reply. It was a long process.

Cutting edge

It would be inefficient for us to disciple Muslims this way now, but back then it was cutting edge. In a country with hardly any followers of Christ, it was a wonderful thing to be discipled, however long it took. Actually, it still is, but there are now a few more options and the process is much quicker. Praise God!

When it all began

In 1959, a man sat in a room in his home at the heart of Marrakesh, Morocco. The power connection was erratic and there was way too much street noise. The neighbours were noisily grinding their spices.

This was the background to the first radio programmes that would be broadcast, and it was the very beginning of what would go on to become Arab World Media.

Branching out

Shortly afterwards, these radio programmes were accompanied by Bible correspondence courses, made available to Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians. Bookstores were opened, from which the courses could be distributed.

However, it wasn’t long before opposition came. In 1963, the Tunis bookstore was closed by the authorities. It became apparent that we couldn’t continue to operate from within these countries, so the base for the work was moved to a single location in the South of France.


A building was purchased – a former cheese factory – and the Radio School of the Bible (RSB) was established. It would be at the heart of our ministry for many years. People would come from all over the world to serve the nations of North Africa and, later on, the Middle East. Radio programmes, correspondence courses, Bible distribution, literature, TV programmes and, eventually, websites would emerge and many Muslims would have the opportunity to know the truth.

Making history

So much has changed since those early years and yet so much remains the same. We proclaim the same message to the same audience but in a radically different way.

As we look back, we see that God has been faithful and seeds have borne fruit.

We’re thankful for each person who has played a part in taking the message of the gospel to the Arab world. This includes those who have supported us throughout the decades. The investment of prayer and giving has been well worth it and we hope you join us in thanking our Father God for all that he has done as well as for what is to come.