Sharing the gospel in some of the world’s most closed countries is not for the faint of heart. It is a work of faith and a labour of love.

In the last few years, Arab World Media, in partnership with Middle East Media, has been on a journey to produce testimonies of Muslim background believers from the Arabian Peninsula.

Arabian Dawn has given a voice to believers to share their life experiences and to speak out for their faith in Christ, even in the midst of very harsh persecution. Some have even shared their testimonies as a last testament of their lives – not expecting to survive if found out.

As we continue with Arabian Dawn, please pray for the protection of the believers. Pray that the Lord would keep them safe and in his arms.

The time has now come to expand and build on this project by adding some new building blocks… The first block comes in the form of poems and readings. Believers will have the opportunity to share what is precious to them – what is on their heart.

A second building block is Message of the Bible, a complete presentation of the gospel for Gulf believers, in their own voice. Take a look at this pilot episode in Arabic. For security reasons this ten-part series will be completely animated. We are thrilled to see it progressing so fast.