At Arab World Media, we want to celebrate all of the women who have been in contact with our response team. Some of them are very open to the gospel, while others are struggling and simply need the ear of someone who cares. Whatever their reason for being in touch, our responders are happy to hear their stories and strive to love them as Christ does. We thank him for each woman, uniquely made and completely loved by their creator.

Some women-only stats

Muslim woman celebratingIn 2018:

  • We were in contact with 819 women, 190 of whom appeared to be open to Christianity.
  • 52 of these women made a profession of faith in Christ.
  • Most of our female contacts came from Saudi Arabia (238), Egypt (143) and Tunisia (119).
  • Although we don’t know most of their ages, a lot of these women were under the age of 34.
  • Almost half of this group (466) first visited our depression module before filling out a contact form, so it’s highly likely they have experienced some major challenges in their personal lives.

We’re thrilled to be able share Layia’s story, which our team has been following for the past few months. Read how Layia’s life has been transformed by Christ…

A heart in a woman's handsBeautiful in your heart

‘Don’t depend on things like fancy hairdos or gold jewellery or expensive clothes to make you look beautiful. Be beautiful in your heart by being gentle and quiet. This kind of beauty will last, and God considers it very special.’ (1 Peter 3:3-4 CEV)

Layia* in Tunisia is one of the 52 who professed faith in 2018. She is a wife and mother in her thirties, married to a devout Muslim of a similar age. She completed a form on our website, having watched The Story, a short animation covering key events in the Bible.

When Layia got in touch she was ready to become a believer. And although her husband was a devout Muslim, she did all of this with his knowledge and blessing.

Women in a cafeFollow-up

Layia was soon invited to meet with a local believer, who learned that Layia’s interest in the Christian faith began when she was young and had got hold of a New Testament. Her mother had soon discovered it, though, and had taken it away, telling her that it was forbidden to read. Then, just a few months ago, Layia’s father had died. Soon after, she had a dream that he was with God. Then she had another dream about a man coming to her with a cross. This reignited her interest in the gospel.

Growth of a plantVisible change

In September of last year, Layia’s husband drove her to her baptism. She has visibly changed, dressing more modestly – something her husband has remarked on. She told him there are laws in Islam that force people to dress a certain way, but with Christ it is different. No one is telling her what to wear but there is something inside her that makes her feel uncomfortable if she wears immodest things.

Her family and some of her friends now know that Layia is no longer Muslim and her husband is getting close to faith in Jesus. The person who has been following up with Layia listened to her share with him how Jesus is the solution for God’s justice and mercy, and how we must, with every last breath, share this message with others. God is certainly working in and through this woman’s life.

The difference you make

It’s only because of the generous gifts and prayers of our supporters that we are able to help women like Layia. We thank you for your continued partnership and ask that you would pray that the Lord would meet with every woman who reaches out to our team.

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*Name has been changed.