We are so grateful for the Arab nationals who enrich our team. Here’s an interview with Egypt team member Howida*. We’ve included examples of her work…

How long have you been with the Egypt team?

‘I have been with the team for seven years. For the first two years, I worked in the office with the rest of the team, but then when I got married I moved away and started working from home.’

How did you come to work with them?

‘A friend recommended me to them. I sent them my CV and they called me and I had an interview. I was working in digital marketing before this, in a secular job. I love digital marketing.’

Romans 12:9-12 in Arabic

Romans 12:9-10

What do you do?

‘In the beginning, because we were only a small team, we each did a lot of things. But now we have more staff, so I’m more specialised. I do the online advertising and graphic designs for our Facebook and Instagram accounts.’

Which of these roles do you like more?

‘I like them both equally. I don’t like routine though, so I start my day with some design, which is more creative, and then move to the advertising when I’ve woken up a bit.’

What’s your biggest challenge?

‘There are two big challenges for me. Firstly, the atmosphere in Egypt is not safe. This sometimes gives me a spirit of fear.

‘Secondly, it takes wisdom in choosing the right pictures and words for our audience. We need to make sure that what we share doesn’t have a negative effect on them. Some designs take longer because of this. When choosing Bible verses, you need to anticipate how people will react to them. Sometimes you don’t think about the word you are using and it can have a negative impact. A normal word in Egypt can be a curse word in Lebanon.’

1 John 1:5 in Arabic

1 John 1:5

What’s your greatest joy?

‘My greatest joy is to see positive feedback from the reader… To see them asking about God and salvation… To see them knowing our awesome God personally.’

How can we pray for you and the team?

‘For me, pray for wisdom and cast away the spirit of fear. I don’t want fear to stop me doing anything. I also want to be creative in my work.

‘For the team, again, we need wisdom. Some of our team will go out and meet people who have contacted us. Recently we’ve had some threats. Pray for our safety and for freedom from fear.’

How can we pray for Egypt?

‘Pray first for peace and safety. Also, for God to enlighten people’s hearts and minds. They need to start searching and become more open-minded, to listen to other cultures and not just be traditional. Pray for God to enlighten people’s hearts and minds so they find the only true God.’

*Name has been changed.