Since our inception, nearly 60 years ago, Arab World Media has been a ministry that values face-to-face contact. This may sound odd, when you consider that we use technology and media to reach people with the gospel, but we have always recognised the importance of believers and seekers meeting and talking with someone in person.

For years we have partnered with national and expatriate believers all over the Arab world to disciple, encourage and support people who are grappling with serious questions or struggling with doubts and fears as they consider following Christ.

We also greatly value the partnership of supporters. Many individuals, churches, trusts and like-minded organisations provide us with the finances to continue and develop the work. Many more uphold the work with prayer. Our ministry would be fruitless without these vital components.

A new (ad)venture

This year, an exciting partnership has begun between a church, our ministry team and some field workers in the Arab world.

Our goal is to use media to help groups of seekers begin a Discovery Bible* study. Here’s how the partnership will work to do this…

  • The church will form a group of people who agree to pray regularly for the project.
  • Arab World Media and the field workers will make a plan to serve a group of seekers in the workers’ location.
  • The church will be kept informed of developments, financial needs, and prayer needs.
  • Once the plan goes live, our responders will look out for seekers in the workers’ location who are asking to meet with a Christian.
  • The workers will connect with these people, and some will gather friends or family to study the Bible together.
  • The church group will continue to be informed of specific prayer needs. They will be encouraged to share how God is speaking to them as this takes place. They may choose to visit the team or get involved in other ways.

We are truly excited by this partnership, but we are also aware that the enemy would want to undermine it. Would you pray that he would not gain a foothold as we seek to make disciples? Pray for a sense of unity. Ask the Spirit to lead and guide us all as we look out for individuals who are ready to deepen their interest in Christ.

*The Discovery Bible method is a simple way of introducing someone to Scripture. It involves reading a passage with a person, or persons, and asking some questions. It is a highly effective and popular tool used to make and multiply disciples.