The third in a series of articles reflecting on our theme for 2018: Do not be afraid.

When I was a student, I turned my back on Christ and lived a life that was very different to the one I’d led before. Throughout my studies, though, God was reaching out to me, pulling me back to him. In my final year, I felt this pull more keenly than ever, but I was afraid. Not of what my friends might think, but of all I had to face in opening myself up once again to the Holy Spirit. It took a while, but giving my life back to God was the best decision I ever made.

Accepting what God has done

When the Holy Spirit works in the heart of a Muslim, there will be a similar conflict, only the context is quite different. For a Muslim, Islam is the safer, easier option. It feels more comfortable. In Islam, everything is about doing things the right way to please God, but in Christianity, it’s all about accepting what God has done and leading the life he has called you to live – one that glorifies him.

There’s something very emotional about knowing God as a personal Father, not just an authority figure with standards we can never reach. His love and mercy is overwhelming and it can be difficult to accept the gift of eternal life without being able to do anything to deserve it.

The transformation

Some Muslim seekers very quickly decide to follow Christ, while others take a long time. It’s scary to make a decision that transforms you from the inside, while those around you remain the same. There’s a loss, though the reward is far greater!

Many of the seekers who contact us are at the end of this phase. They know in their hearts that Jesus is the way to go, but they need a little bit of help and support as they commit their lives to him.

First steps

When Wajd* contacted us, he had been secretly reading the gospels for years. He knew he needed to make up his mind, so he went online and found our website. Although he knew and believed everything about Christ, salvation and the cross, Wajd didn’t know how to pray. He needed our responder to explain the relationship he could have with God. Once this had been explained, Wajd quickly accepted Christ. He is now studying the Bible with us and will hopefully soon feel ready to meet a local believer.

A wonderful privilege

Please pray for our responders as they counsel and disciple people like Wajd. It’s a wonderful privilege to be ministering to Muslim seekers and new believers, but it’s hard work. Pray for spiritual protection over our team.

We thank our supporters who, through their faithful prayers and generous gifts, enable us to continue what God has called us to do. If you, too, would like to partner with us in this way, you’ll find many prayer resources, as well as information on how to give, on our website.

*Name changed for security.