Do not be afraid. It is a bold statement. It has no room for misinterpretation. You can’t argue with it, especially when it comes from the most high authority.

When God speaks these words, they hold weight – much more than they would if you or I were to speak them. They are a promise that will never be broken. Not a promise of an easy life, free from sadness and pain, but a promise of faithfulness in adversity, hope in despair and freedom in oppression.

Burning riotsViolence and uncertainty

There is so much to fear in the Arab world. Many parts of it are gripped by violence, conflict and uncertainty. Events of the past few years have shaken even those who are less directly affected. Islam is losing its grip.

A revolutionary message

Do not be afraid is a revolutionary message that God has given us for this time. For every Muslim, there is an invitation to come and walk with Jesus fearlessly. The walk will not be easy, but it will be life-changing.

Our response

Nurturing a plantEach year, many millions of Muslims learn about Jesus through our ministry. As they do this they are encouraged to get in touch with one of our responders. Around 1,000 new contacts are made every month. They are given the freedom to share and question, and they always receive a warm and loving response. Many go on to receive Christ as their Saviour. We then have the challenge of rooting them in their faith. They will need strong roots in order to withstand the challenges of following Christ in a society that is opposed to the gospel.

Prayer is key

This year, we seek to engage 1,000,000 Arabic speaking Muslim seekers online and disciple 15,000 believers. Will you pray with us that this goal will be reached, even surpassed?

Please pray that we will be able to continue ministering to those whom God is calling. Pray especially for our responders and those we partner with in the Arab world. They will need wisdom, courage, discernment, grace and more. Pray also for our creative team, developing content for social media and our website. May the Holy Spirit give them inspiration and help them focus well on each project.

Thank you for your continued support, interest and prayers. As the year unfolds, we look forward to sharing more of how God is working among Muslims of the Arab world.