This year, an unprecedented number of people have proclaimed faith in Christ with one of our responders. By the end of June, 227 individuals had chosen to follow Jesus. Our responsibility now is to care for these individuals. This will involve putting some in touch with believers in their own country, but for many others this is not an option. For these, the only option for discipleship and fellowship is online.

Muslim man wearing sunglassesHighs and lows

When a person brought up in Islam becomes a follower of Christ, there will be highs and lows. On the one hand they have the joy of knowing they are loved and saved by God’s grace through Jesus. This can give hope and strength in any situation.

On the other hand they are faced with challenges and serious obstacles. Every believer from a Muslim background comes under pressure to return to Islam at some point. Many experience great loneliness and isolation in this. Single believers wonder how they’ll ever find a believing husband or wife, while those who are married fear their spouse’s reaction to their new faith. There will also be times of confusion and doubt. Sadly, for some, the cost of leaving Islam will seem too high!

Not aloneNot alone

For new believers to thrive they need to know they are not alone and that others have experienced what they’re going through. Usually, belonging to a local fellowship would meet this need, but when there is no fellowship there needs to be an alternative.

In recognition of this need, we developed a ten-part series called I believe, but… The series is in Gulfi Arabic and is presented by a husband and wife team who come from the region themselves. Each eight-minute episode tackles a different problem, with the presenters then offering practical solutions with biblical guidance.

Partner with us

PartnershipWe value your prayer and financial support as we seek to uphold new believers in the Arabian Gulf region. Please pray that we would be able to reach the right people with this series, and ask that it would be a huge encouragement to those who are struggling to be faithful in a culture that often runs counter to Christianity.

Please also consider making a financial contribution, which would cover the promotion of the series as well as its further development.

As a ministry, we’re continually learning and growing to meet the needs of our audience. We thank you, our supporters, for your prayers, words of encouragement and financial investment. We long to see the establishment of fellowship groups in every city of every Arab world nation. We give all thanks and praise to God that every day a step is made towards this goal.

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