What do you remember of your journey to faith in Christ? When did it start? How long did it take? What obstacles were there along the way? Perhaps, like me, you made your decision at a very young age, and a simple faith slowly became a deeper understanding. Or maybe it all happened suddenly and your life was transformed very quickly. Regardless of the when and the how, you will remember things that made a difference – the words of a pastor, the actions of a friend, Bible verses that seemed to be written just for you!

When former Muslims share their stories, they often speak of a journey that began with doubts and questions. They saw contradictions in the Qur’an or violence and hatred between Muslims. They could not ignore the hypocrisy. Friends and family could not help them make sense of things. At some point, they saw something in Christianity that drew them in. More often than not, it was a believing friend or colleague.

In our latest Arabian Dawn video, an Omani believer shares about his journey to faith. His testimony is very powerful, because he can look back and see the instances where people made an impact upon his life. In the end, he could not put his trust in Islam…

In Islam there is no assurance. Nothing can assure me as to where I go after I die. Will I be with God or somewhere else? Even the big Islamic characters like the Prophet and the Sahaba are not guaranteed paradise. How can I follow someone who himself is not sure of his destiny?

Right now there are many Muslims taking this journey. As beliefs that have been ingrained are slowly worn away, they will experience many emotions. It may be a painful process, but the result will be a solid faith and a deeply trusting relationship with God.

Many of our team have regular contact with individuals who are earnestly seeking the truth. Please pray that their loving, patient responses would speak volumes. Please also pray for those we partner with in the Arab world. The year is not finished yet, but so far we have managed to put 95 people in touch with a believer in their own country. The Lord is leading many people on a journey – a journey that starts with a question and ends with everlasting joy!